Labyrinth is a great place to grind your character, but this dungeon is very hard to challenge for newbies. To enter Labyrinth and win battles, you must reach at least level 20, and have your equipment upgraded to the possible highest level.

How did you know Tynon?

We conducted a few ad campaigns last week and have 10 servers opened across the world. So we just make this post and want to know where you saw Tynon ads and play this game. Facebook Sidebar Ads or Flash Site? Which Site?

Tynon Opened 10 Servers Within 3 days

Congratulations! Tynon has opened 10 servers within 3 days. Tynon is the fastest-growing browser game that features auto-path, real-time battle, tons of quests, and active community.

Here is a list of newly opened servers:

  • Server 10, Scales of Ice Dragon
  • Server 9, Light of Ra
  • Server 8 – Wings of Hermes
  • Server 7 – Bow of Athena
  • Server 6, Might of Helios
  • Server 5, Trident of Poseidon
  • Server 4, Thunder of Zeus
  • Server 3, Hammer of Thor
  • Server 2, Blaze of Fire Dragon
  • Server 1, Wrath of Odin